Mi rendo conto di essere sempre più spesso insofferente nei confronti di mio figlio. Non ne vado fiera, non ne sono felice, semplicemente prendo atto di qualcosa che esiste. Non mi sono mai sentita pronta per diventare madre, mai nemmeno per un attimo ho pensato di essere all’altezza di questo […]

Kids will be kids. Nothing can deter them from playing or running around. But you know what is best for your kids. If you are tensed with the thought of kids getting sick in rainy season then shrug off all your worries and have fun with them during these rains. […]

Tweet Quilts are layered blankets sewn together with threads, yarns, or ribbons. The top layer of a quilt is often decorated with patterns and patchwork stitched through the three layers.  Quiltmaking is not as complicated as it sounds, and even your kids can try quilting. It can be a great […]

Somehow or other, I’ve got back into old video games lately. And when I say old, I really mean it. Some of them are around 30 years of age. I’m not quite sure how this happened or, indeed, what this says about me on a psychological level, but I’m loving […]

Parenting a baby is a tough job, and diaper-changing isn’t always the part mom, dad, or caregiver looks forward to the most. But as every parent knows, it’s an unfortunate reality that needs to be dealt with. Right from selecting a healthy meal to choosing the best baby accessories, like […]

Lori Harvey, Marjorie Elaine Harvey, and Michael B. Jordan. Shutterstock (3) Mama bear. Marjorie Harvey shared a cryptic concept two times after her daughter Lori Harvey’s break up from Michael B. Jordan was verified. “You sit in s—t for too long, it stops smelling. So occur the f—k outta there,” […]

When pilots and air site visitors’ controllers talk to every different over a -manner radio, clean information is vital, however, the barriers of radio imply messages are effortlessly garbled or misunderstood, explain editors at Merriam-Webster Inc. Because of this, a standardized technique of speaking via way of means of radio […]