We live in a fast-paced, instant gratification, side hustle, striving culture. There are very few moments of rest in most of our days. When I say “rest”, I do not mean mindlessly scrolling social media, zoned out watching TV, or even sleeping. When I say “rest”, I mean rest for […]

It’s a conscience issue. It goes hand-in-hand with the desire to leave the best legacy you can for future generations. And since “future generations” are your own children and grandchildren, it’s nearer home than “just” thinking about the planet. As an individual, you know you can’t make much difference, but […]

The pandemic has changed many aspects of how families approach travel. Considerations of crowds, cleanliness and convenience become even more important especially when travelling to popular tourist destinations like Penang. We stayed at the new Courtyard by Marriott Penang hotel during our first trip back after the pandemic to visit […]

Q: “My husband, my high school senior, and I all have ADHD and are easily distracted. It’s super hard for us to untether from our electronic devices, and we lose track of time. For example, I’ll be working and start listening to music and find myself distracted by group texts […]