Who are the Labrant family? “Pro-love” documentary sparks severe backlash online

The Labrant family is an American family of YouTubers based in California. The family consists of Cole and Savannah Rose LaBrant and their three children, Everleigh (9), Posie (3) and Zealand (1).

The family recently came under fire for making a “pro-love” documentary titled Abortion. The 38-minute long video features interviews with several individuals, including stories from Cole and Savannah, key members of the YouTube family.

The documentary opens with a series of montages with a voiceover that attempts to explore the “middle ground” amid the ongoing debate about abortion rights:

“Instead of pro-life or pro-choice is it possible for us to be pro-love?”

At the beginning of the video, Cole can be seen clarifying that the documentary has not been created to stand against abortion but to provide the idea of “choice” to expecting mothers:

“This documentary by no means is trying to illegalize abortion after this documentary you’re still gonna have the choice.”

The LaBrant Family kind of just implied that abortion is worse than the Holocaust in their new documentary https://t.co/fc4oQe2zTj

Meanwhile, Savannah mentions that the documentary attempts to explore the “resources” available as an alternative to abortion. However, the video sparked major backlash online, with several people calling out the YouTubers for their debatable content.

Netizens react to The Labrant family’s documentary

The Labrant family’s YouTube documentary on abortion was met with immediate contempt on social media. According to the media gossip platform Def Noodles, the video received more than 33,000 dislikes.

The documentary was condemned mainly online, especially for drawing comparisons between the Holocaust and the practice of abortion. Although the comments section of the video is currently off, several social media users took to Twitter to call out the YouTubers for their creation:

cole labrant mansplaining to me, on his FAMILY channel about how i shouldn’t get an abortion is exactly why i protect women’s rights to choose.

Not the Labrant family (whom I used to be a big fan of) comparing abortion to the Holocaust while quite literally exploiting their children to pay their bills?????

Is the LaBrant family “pro life” or pro exploiting your children to millions of people for millions of dollars?!

Am truly disgusted by the documentary made by the Labrant Family. Abortion is something that I have been vocal about but now, this is getting worse. I have been pro choice, will forever stand as pro choice. Women are the ones who should be making the choice. End of story.

The labrant family “abortion” documentary is a biased guilt tripping video. A male OB mockingly saying abortion is “needed to saves women’s lives”. Women’s life quality is not solely measure by our health if it wasn’t obvious. Can’t even watch the rest.

The LaBrant family made a 40 minute anti-choice documentary, compared abortion to the holocaust, & tried to intimidate expectant mothers by graphically depicting late-term abortion procedures. Cole and Savannah should be so ashamed. I’m embarrassed to have ever supported them.

Send Savannah Labrant to skid row for the week and have her fend for her kids and then we can use her as a good example for being a single mother. Her growing up a “single” mom in LA with full family support doesn’t count. Jesus.

Can we collectively agree that the Labrant Family needs to be canceled??? https://t.co/Yis5OJdyTd

The labrant family literally just included every graphic detail of abortion to guilt mothers into not going that route. A public platform with over 13 million followers.. 🙁 absolutely devastating

Abortion is a choice plain an simple. Your beliefs DO NOT overule someone else right to choose. This documentary does nothing but fuel the fire in the obvious efforts to make that choice illegal. Thanks so much labrant family for your fear mongering and religious guilt tripping.

The labrant family is about to get cancelled sooooo hard and I am here for it #prochoice

The LaBrant family is an extremely dangerous family channel who spreads misinformation at every chance they have access to the internet and that is all I will say for now.

As significant backlash continues to pour in online, it remains to be seen if the Labrant family will acknowledge the recent controversy in the days to come.

Everything to know about The Labrant family


The Labrant family is one of the most popular YouTube families in America. The channel was formerly known as Cole&Sav and currently has over 13 million followers on YouTube.

Cole and Savannah started dating in 2016 and tied the knot the following year. They welcomed their first child, Everleigh, in 2012. A few years later, the couple was blessed with their second child, Posie Rayne 2018.


Their third child, Zealand Cole, was born in 2020. The couple announced that they were expecting their fourth child together in November 2021. Cole first gained popularity as a member of the Vine collaboration channel Dem White Boyz alongside his friends Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice.

The trio went on to sign a contract with Water Bluff Clothing, Co. in 2013. Cole also competed on The Amazing Race 28 in 2016 alongside his mother. In addition to his YouTube channel, the content creator is also popular on Tiktok as @thesupercole, with more than 21 million followers.

Meanwhile, Savannah started her career in the content creation industry as a blogger and Instagrammer. She was reportedly passionate about photography and decided to turn her talents into a profession.

Besides her YouTube channel with Cole, Savannah has also garnered a large following on social media. She has 29 million fans on TikTok and nearly six million followers on Instagram.

Savannah even runs an Instagram account called ForEverAndForAva with Michelle Folley, featuring their daughters Everleigh and Ava. The Labrant family reportedly gained their first one million subscribers in January 2017. Over the years, their channel has grown to have 13 million subscribers.

Cole and Savannah’s eldest daughter Everleigh is often considered the star of their channel, with the YouTubers garnering maximum views in videos that feature the 9-year-old.

Despite the child’s popularity on social media, Cole and Savannah have often been accused of exploiting their children for views. An old video showing the couple pranking Everleigh about giving away their pet dog was criticized for its traumatizing effects on the child.

Similarly, the pair also faced severe criticism after making an alleged false claim about evacuating their home during the 2018 California wildfires.

A now-deleted video titled A Giant Fire Makes Us Evacuate Our House showed the family leaving their home because of the wildfires. However, neighbors and fire officials later confirmed there was no evacuation order and that the home was not under threat.

Cole and Savannah found themselves in the middle of another controversy in 2020 after making a video titled She Got Diagnosed with Cancer (Documentary). The video showed the couple worrying about their daughter Posie having cancer due to pain in her legs.


However, the pair later mentioned that their daughter was not diagnosed and but they made the video to highlight children who have cancer. Several fans called out the video for being a “clickbait.”

It remains to be seen if the Labrant family will address their recent controversy about the Abortion documentary in the future.

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