Should Your Kid Try Quilting? Check the Facts

Quilts are layered blankets sewn together with threads, yarns, or
ribbons. The top layer of a quilt is often decorated with patterns and
patchwork stitched through the three layers. 

Quiltmaking is not as complicated
as it sounds, and even your kids can try quilting. It can be a great fun
activity for kids putting together geometric pieces of fabric to create a
beautiful design.

Let your kids try quilting, and
they will love to have a soft, cuddly, hand-made companion for the most
relaxing sleep.

Quilting Fun

Quilting is an old, popular form of art that is prevalent in many
cultures. People use quilts as beddings, tapestries, and comforters. Lately,
quilting techniques have been incorporated into garments as well. The earliest
quilted garments were created in Egypt for a Pharaoh. In the 11th century,
quilted fabrics were used to line the inside of armors for creating warrior

Quilts can be made with a single piece of fabric stitched together
with beautiful thread work. Such quilts are called whole cloth quilts.
Alternatively, quilts may have appliques and patchwork to create motifs and
other intricate designs or carve geometric patterns.

Over the past years, quilting has evolved to include important life
events, such as childbirth, marriage, graduation, or even as trivial as a
change in seasons. You can produce different effects with quilting based on the
chosen patterns.


Quilting Benefits

Quilting is often seen as an extremely creative pursuit, but at the
same time, there is a deep connection between quilting and well-being. Here are
some of the major
benefits of quilting for kids and parents:


It Lets You Unplug from Technology and Modernization

We are so addicted to technology that we cannot imagine a moment
without it. Isn’t it so? Quilting can help you unplug your mind from technology
and wire up with your creative side of the brain. Choosing and cutting your
fabric to sewing them together piece by piece improves your focus and


Playing With Patterns and Colors Exercise Your Brain

Quilting combines colors and shapes to create beautiful patterns. Such
an endeavor actively distracts your brain from stress and exercises your brain
muscles. Different color combinations emotionally uplift the brain. Kids can
spend hours figuring different designs and combining different geometric

It, effectively, improves their problem-solving skills and boosts
self-esteem. Quilting involves taking exact measurements and arranging patterns
using problem-solving skills. It constantly engages the sensitive brains of
and quilting
also improves their overall


Quilting Works as A Great Stress Reliever for Kids and

Quilting is a calming exercise for your brain. The repetitive
motion of sewing and quilting improves your eye-hand coordination and wipes
away all the stress and anxiety. When you complete a quilting project, you feel
a sense of accomplishment that further boosts confidence and creative
abilities. Introduce your kids to
watch your kids develop into
creative individuals.

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Quilting Can Give You a community to Socialize

There are various online forums where you can discuss
your craft, share your work, and connect with other like-minded people. You and your kids can
also get tips and patterns, to further evolve your craft and creativity.


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Quilts Are a Fantastic Option in Handmade Gifts

Nothing can make someone feel more special than a
handmade gift specifically hand-crafted for that person. You can sew fantastic
quilts using different designs and patterns for your kids or how about gifting
a handmade quilt to your nephew or niece? You can add patterns showcasing their
favorite cartoon character.

Handmade gifts are always a better gifting option than readymade
ones and they also strengthen the bond of affection. Your kids, niece, or
nephew will remember you every time they cuddle up in your gifted bundle of

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The process of quilting involves various steps such as creating a
design, cutting fabric pieces, piecing them together with appliques and
patchwork, and finally binding the three layers. 

Quilters may use a sewing
machine, a specialized quilting system or sew the layers by hand. Other than some basic sewing supplies, you require
different tools like cutters, dies, accessories, and patterns to create your
quilting projects.


You can find fabrics, patterns, threads, and other necessary goods for
quilting from any quilt store in your area. You can also try online stores for
quilting supplies, where
you can find colorful
fabrics with cheerful motifs for kid’s
quilting projects. 

Moreover, you can also enroll your kids in
quilting classes where your
kids learn quilting like
a pro with all the basics covered.


In nutshell on Quilting for Kids 

Quilting relaxes the brain and
resumes a sense of wellbeing. Therefore, you should encourage your kids to
engage in the craft of quilting.

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