It’s a conscience issue. It goes hand-in-hand with the desire to leave the best legacy you can for future generations. And since “future generations” are your own children and grandchildren, it’s nearer home than “just” thinking about the planet. As an individual, you know you can’t make much difference, but […]

The pandemic has changed many aspects of how families approach travel. Considerations of crowds, cleanliness and convenience become even more important especially when travelling to popular tourist destinations like Penang. We stayed at the new Courtyard by Marriott Penang hotel during our first trip back after the pandemic to visit […]

Source: Jerry Wang/Unsplash Wanting to raise “star” children is not new, but a significant number of parents in China have taken pushing their offspring to a new level. “Jiwa” parenting, as it’s come to be called, raises parental anxiety, and it can be expensive, too. The name is derived from […]

Many parents and paediatricians swear by it, yet some maternity-ward nurses tell new moms and dads that it’s too dangerous to try at home. What gives? When Melissa Romain had her first baby at a Toronto hospital in 2016, the nurses demonstrated how to swaddle him and encouraged her to […]

This curated list will help you score things like free diapers, rash creams and formula from your favourite baby brands. Babies may be tiny bundles of joy, but they sure do need a lot of products—and some expensive ones at that! From diapers to formulas to hygiene products, these basic […]

Like it? Share it, or post a comment below! Potty Training Advicefrom Early Intervention Therapists Learning to Use the Toilet Potty training is one of the most important milestones in a child’s development. It requires patience, persistence, and creativity from both you and your child. Use our tips to make […]